8:00 am Traditional Service

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In Person Service

Our 8am Service will take place in the sanctuary (No Reservation Necessary)

  • For our in person services we are limited to 25% of our capacity. In the case of St. John's Lutheran Church that is 50 people. While this can be inconvenient it is important in order to stop the spread of the virus.
  • We are asking that everyone wear a mask going into church as well as leaving the church. When you are seated, as long as you are more than 6ft away from others, you may take your mask down.
  • Going along with the CDC guidelines we are asking the congregation to not sing. I know we all love to sing, however, the CDC suggest that this may project droplets and possibly the virus further. If you must sing, try to sit further away from people and wear your mask. Thank you.
  • If you or an immediate family member are feeling ill please refrain from coming to our in person service and instead come to the parking lot service or stream it online. Thank you.
  • We do not require any type of reservation for this service, just show up. That being said, we are still limited, but we will have overflow rooms available.
  • If more than 50 people show up, you may be asked to sit in one of the overflow rooms.
  • Each of the overflow rooms will have the service on a tv/projector.
  • Within the Overflow rooms, we will still be following the CDC guidelines in terms of social distancing and mask usage as stated above.

I'm sure that as time goes on we will send out more information. Thank you for your patience as we work through all of this together.

God's Peace,

Pastor Chris Sansom